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Heartfelt Trinity Diamond Pendant

Rs. 28,700.00

Embrace the unity of love with the Heartfelt Trinity Diamond Pendant, adorned with three shimmering heart-shaped diamonds. Ayanika's artisans have meticulously crafted this pendant to symbolize the unbreakable bond of love shared between partners, friends, or family members. Each diamond radiates with its unique brilliance, reflecting the depth and intensity of heartfelt emotions. Whether worn as a personal keepsake or a heartfelt gift, the Heartfelt Trinity Diamond Pendant embodies Ayanika's commitment to creating jewelry that captures the beauty and significance of special relationships.

Gross Wt: 1.050 g
Gold Wt: 0.950 g

Round VVS / VS - FG Diamond - 21 Pcs : 0.210 Ct
Round VVS / VS - FG Diamond - 1 Pcs : 0.250 Ct

BIS Hallmark

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