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Ayanika Partner Programme

Ayanika is excited to introduce our online partner program, designed to reward our partners for their support in promoting our products. Our two-level program offers a commission on sales made by direct referrals as well as those made by sub-affiliates recruited by the affiliate. As an Ayanika affiliate, you will have access to a range of marketing materials, tracking tools, and customer support to help you maximize your earning potential. Whether you are an entreprenuer, blogger or influencer, our program is tailored to suit your needs. Join us and start earning commissions for every sale you generate!

• Designed for individuals who would like to embark on an entrepreneurial journey.

• Entrepreneur need to promote and market the Ayanika New Age Diamond Jewellery through social media handles and earn sizeable monetary returns.

• No financial investments required

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AYANIKA Partner Program FAQS

What is an Ayanika Partner Program?

Ayanika Partner Program is designed for individuals who would like to embark on an entrepreneurial journey to Promote, market and sell the most aspirational product, Precious Diamond Jewellery, from the comfort of their home. The program is the first of its kind in India for the jewellery industry and give an opportunity to entrepreneurs who would like to create a team of like-minded individuals to Market Ayanika without any financial investment. The program is very Simple and is devised in such a way to enable an individual to venture into the digital world of selling jewellery.

Who should become an Ayanika Affiliate?

Anyone with all or a few of the following traits can become an Ayanika Partner.

1) Love for Diamond Jewellery

2) Desire to be an entrepreneur.

3) Socially active or/and having a good Social Media presence.

4) Good communication skill.

5) Some knowledge about Diamond Jewellery or a desire to learn.

What are the prerequisites to become an Ayanika Partner?

An individual with few of the above traits can opt to become an Ayanika Partner.

1) One should be above 18 years of age.

2) The program is valid for Indian citizens only with necessary documents for KYC.

3) To participate in the Program, one should visit Partner With Us and register by entering all mandatory fields and submit.

How does one enrol oneself in the affiliate program?
  1. To enrol an individual should visit Partner With Us Page and register by entering all mandatory fields and submit.
  2. Go through the terms and conditions.
  3. Click "Join Now"
  4. An individual needs to be Sponsored by an Existing partner to complete the registration process. An individual will need to fill in the Sponsor Code of an existing partner in the field "Sponsor Code".
  5. Subsequently he/ She be approved by Ayanika team. For any further clarifications Ayanika team may communicate for further details or confirmation, if required.
  6. On approvals the individual gets enrolled to the Ayanika Partner Program and will be allocated a Ayanika Partner Code.
  7. The code will be sent on their registered mail ID and Whatsapp.
Can an Affiliate register without a Sponsor?

No. A Sponsor Code is a must to register in the Ayanika Partner Program.

What are the Roles one has to play as an Ayanika Partner?

An Ayanika Partner has two specific roles to play.

1) Promote and Market Ayanika diamond jewellery through one's social handle to initiate sales.

2) To enroll a team of like-minded partners under oneself to promote and market Ayanika diamond jewellery.

How many individuals can an Ayanika Partner Sponsor under him/ her?

There is no limit to the number of Partners an Ayanika Partner can Sponsor under oneself.

How much does an Ayanika Partner earn on sales initiated online using his/her code?

An Ayanika Partner gets compensated 10% of the net value received for the product. Net value is the amount after deducting applicable taxes and discounts on purchases made by the customers using his code on

When an Ayanika Partner sponsors an individual then how does the sponsoring affiliate or parent get compensated?

An Ayanika Sponsoring Partner also gets compensated for sales initiated by Ayanika Partners enrolled by him/ her. A Sponsoring partner gets 5% of the net received value of the product after deducting applicable taxes and discounts on purchases made by the customers using the code of the partner who has been sponsored by him/ her on

Do the customers using affiliate code to purchase also benefit?

yes, any customer purchasing a product from using an Ayanika partner code is immediately gratified with a discount on the Jewellery. The benefits offered to the customers keep changing from time to time.

How does one know when the saleis initiated online?

An Ayanika Partner has access to one's own dashboard. As soon as any sale is initiated on one's code, it is updated. If any return is initiated by the customer is also visible. Please go through this walkthrough video for better understanding of the Partner Program Dashboard.

When is the compensation disbursed?

The compensation is disbursed 30 days after the delivery of the product to the customer. The 30 day period includes the total Sales Cycle which includes the 7 day Return Policy.

Does the affiliate get compensated on every future sales of the Customers?

Once a customer has purchased a product using a partner's code, the partner keeps getting compensated for every purchase made by the customer till the time the individual is enrolled as an affiliate in the program.

How does an affiliate promote, market and sell Ayanika Diamond Jewellery?

An Ayanika partner needs to Promote, Market and sell Ayanika Diamond Jewellery through one's social handle by posting content/ posts or material provided by the team in turn will take care of customers by offering quantity products and services.

The content provided can be posted on

1) Facebook

2) Instagram

3) LinkedIn

4) Whatsapp

Can an affiliate withdraw from the program?

Yes, an affiliate can withdraw from the program at any time. An affiliate needs to send a mail to with a request for withdrawal. The communication should have the Ayanika Partner Code.

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