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Eternal Elegance Emerald Diamond Ring

Rs. 27,900.00

Indulge in timeless luxury with the Ayanika diamond ring, a masterpiece featuring an exquisite emerald-cut diamond flanked by two stunning cushion-cut diamonds. The central emerald-cut diamond is renowned for its captivating brilliance and sophisticated elegance, while the cushion-cut diamonds add a touch of classic charm and sparkle. This exquisite design is set in a beautifully crafted band, ensuring that each diamond is showcased to its fullest potential. Perfect for special occasions or as a statement piece, the Ayanika diamond ring epitomizes grace and sophistication. Elevate your jewelry collection with this luxurious piece that combines modern flair with traditional craftsmanship.

Gross Wt: 1.17 g
Gold Wt: 1.038 g

Emerald VVS / VS - FG Diamond - 1 Pcs : 0.340 Ct
Emerald VVS / VS - FG Diamond - 2 Pcs : 0.400 Ct

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