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Come wedding season and it’s time to prepare for buying jewellery and ornamental clothes. In a country like India where occasions like weddings are driven by mahurat and the main highlight are the bridal dresses and jewellery, diamonds add special zing and glitter.

When it comes to engagement rings, solitaire diamond rings are every bride’s first choice. They not only represent the promise of lifelong companionship but also look elegant, classy, and regal.

A single diamond is known as a solitaire diamond and jewellery made with solitaires has only one diamond set in it. To be clear, a "Solitaire" is any jewellery item set with just one gemstone whether it’s a diamond or any other gemstone.

With so many brands in the market, you can choose to buy a readymade solitaire diamond ring or get them customised as per your taste. If you are short on time, you can also buy solitaire diamond rings online. Check out the latest and trending collection of solitaire diamond engagement rings on Ayanika Diamond Jewellery.

Why Should You Choose Solitaire Diamond Rings?
We have seen in the movies and in real life too that the first choice for a ring to propose with is a solitaire diamond ring. Girls swoon over solitaires and brides love wearing and flaunting one on their ring finger.

The solitaire diamond engagement rings represent the ultimate timeless statement of love and tradition. No matter what your personal preference is, there’s always the perfect diamond solitaire ring for you out there. 

An engagement ring holds special importance in the life of the bride and groom as it symbolises the love shared by them. It represents pure and classic timeless love. As a result, diamond solitaire rings represent an eternal and unbreakable bond between two lovers. The love between two people getting married is meant to last forever, just like diamonds.

Where can I buy solitaire diamond rings online?
If you’re willing to explore an exquisite collection of solitaire diamond rings online from a trustworthy website then you’ve arrived at the right place. We, at Ayanika Diamond Jewellery, have a specially curated bridal collection for the modern brides who want the perfect combination of simplicity, class and luxury. Take a look at our collection and we’re sure you’ll find the perfect engagement ring for you.

You can buy the best lab-grown solitaire diamond rings at Ayanika Diamond Jewellery. Each and every diamond set in our diamond rings and other collections is responsibly grown in a lab and no permanent damage is caused to the environment. Crafted with precision, our CVD diamonds are eco-friendly as they are grown sustainably in a lab within a controlled environment and sold at a price that fits your budget and matches your expectations.

The setting of your solitaire diamond ring depends primarily on your style and budget. White gold is the most loved and preferred metal in the case of engagement rings. However, yellow gold is an equally popular metal used in other forms of solitaire jewellery like pendants and earrings. In recent times, platinum has become a popular choice of metal for solitaire engagement rings due to its shine, brilliance, and durability.

A solitaire diamond ring is perfect for engagements and weddings. It is rich in history and holds great significance. It represents everlasting love in the purest form. Millions of women around the world cherish and treasure it, and it is a style statement that will never go out of fashion. 

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