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Love, Commitment, and Tradition: Delving into the Saat Pheras of Indian Matrimony

The seven vows of Indian marriage, also known as the saat pheras, are an integral part of Indian culture, and they are said to be the foundation of marital bliss. These vows are traditionally taken during the wedding ceremony, and they represent seven sacred steps that the couple takes to commit themselves to each other. As the couple takes these vows and circles the sacred fire, they symbolize the spirit and strength of their union. But what do these vows have to do with shapes?


First and foremost, the seven vows of Indian marriage can be related to the seven circles that the couple walks around the sacred fire. As they walk around the fire, each circle is representative of a different vow. The first circle symbolizes the vow of strength, the second circle symbolizes the vow of prosperity, and so on. By circling the fire seven times, the couple is creating a physical representation of their commitment to each other.


Second, the seven vows of Indian marriage can also be related to the number seven itself. In Hindu scriptures, seven is considered a holy number. It symbolizes balance, unity, and completeness. By tying the number seven to their vows, the couple is symbolically committing to a strong and lasting marriage.


Finally, the seven vows of Indian marriage can be related to the sacred triangle. The triangle is often seen as a symbol of strength and growth, and it is believed to bring the couple closer together in the spiritual sense. By exchanging the seven vows of marriage, the couple is creating a balanced, spiritual triangle between them.


In conclusion, the seven vows of Indian marriage are deeply rooted in the culture and mythology of India. By understanding the relationship between these vows, shapes, and numbers, we can appreciate the power of these marital rituals and their impact on the lives of Indian couples.

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