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Bond of a Lifetime: Exploring the Significance of the Seven Marriage Vows

Indian marriages are a beautiful celebration of cultures, customs, and tradition. It’s a union of two souls that is blessed by their families and witnessed by the world. Each marriage is celebrated differently, with different vows and ceremonies all over the country. But there are a few common vows of Indian marriages that remain unchanged throughout. These seven vows are known as the ‘Saat Phere’ or the ‘Seven Steps Around the Sacred Fire’. Let’s take a closer look at what they symbolise.


The first vow is to pray for peace and harmony in the union. This is an important piece of the seven vows as it sets the tone for the marriage. The other six vows symbolise their acknowledgement of the importance of each other, their commitment to one another, and their mutual acceptance.


The second vow is about respecting one another’s families and showing them due reverence. This is a vital part of marriage as it is a reflection of the couple’s commitment to each other’s families.


The third vow is about the couple’s commitment to maintain the sanctity of their relationship and to stay true to one another. This is a promise of faithfulness and fidelity.


The fourth vow is a promise to look after one another’s health and well-being. It’s a commitment to provide emotional and physical support to one another.


The fifth vow is about the couple’s commitment to create a stable and fruitful home. This is a promise to build a strong financial foundation and to provide for one another.


The sixth vow is a promise to nurture their relationship and to grow together. This is a commitment to nurture each other and lead a contented life.


The seventh and final vow is a commitment to aligning their paths and leading a life of virtue. This is an agreement to lead a life of spiritual harmony and progress together.


These seven vows are a powerful reminder of the strength and sanctity of the marriage. They are a testament to the couple’s commitment to their union and a reminder of the importance of their relationship. They are beautiful words that offer a glimpse into the depths of an Indian marriage and remind us of how important it is to maintain the bond of love and trust in a relationship.

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