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Have you ever heard of "CVD diamond" and are unsure of what it means? It wasn't until a decade ago that scientists realised they could produce diamonds with the same chemical make-up as a naturally produced diamond with lesser time and work.

CVD diamonds are diamonds grown in laboratories under processes similar to the creation of natural diamonds. The first ever man-made diamonds suitable for industrial use were produced in a lab in the 1950s. They are created in a lab but have nearly identical chemical, physical, and visual characteristics to their natural counterpart. It is no different than a natural diamond and when exposed to direct light, it emits prism-like hues.

While the first-ever gem-quality diamonds were produced in a laboratory in 1971, it was not until the mid-2010s that colourless laboratory-grown diamonds entered the gem and jewellery market for retail and commercial use.

Take look at our collection of CVD diamond jewellery which looks as glittery, classy and as real as natural diamond jewellery. Ayanika Diamond Jewellery is your one-stop-shop for buying the finest quality CVD diamond jewellery online.

Are natural diamonds and CVD diamonds identical?

Traditional gem testing and outdated "diamond detectors" are unable to distinguish laboratory-grown diamonds from natural diamonds since they are chemically and optically identical to them.

However, consumers need to know what they are purchasing. The price difference between laboratory-grown diamonds (LGD) and natural gemstones is quite substantial hence LGD must be identified so that consumers can make an informed decision.

CVD diamonds are equally sparkly, have a similar kind of clarity and colour, and can be bought in equivalent shapes and sizes.

Is there a resale value of CVD diamonds?

Yes! Lab-grown or CVD diamonds carry some resale value as natural diamonds. The resale and deduction value vary with the seller’s policies. When you buy CVD diamond jewellery online from Ayanika, you can return your purchased jewellery within seven days of placing your order and only if there is a technical or manufacturing defect.

Are there any benefits of buying CVD diamond jewellery?

Purchasing lab-grown diamond jewellery has many advantages –

1. Synthetic diamonds are purer than naturally mined diamonds since they do not contain any dirt or imperfections, in contrast to natural diamonds.

2. Diamond mining is seriously harmful to the environment. Natural diamond mining consumes enormous amounts of fossil fuel, whereas synthetic diamond production has none of these drawbacks. In reality, growing diamonds rather than mining them is a much more sustainable option given the increasing demand for diamonds and the expected decline in the quantity of mined diamonds.

Where to Buy Best CVD Diamond Jewellery Online?

Broadly speaking, CVD or LGD diamonds are unique and different from natural diamonds in so many ways. Even though they appear precious and luxurious like natural diamonds, they are far more affordable and environment friendly.

You can buy the best lab-grown diamond jewellery online at Ayanika Diamond Jewellery. Every piece of diamond is responsibly grown in an environment friendly manner. Crafted to perfection with precision, our CVD diamonds are grown sustainably and sold at a price that doesn’t burn a hole in your pocket.


Like a genuine diamond, a CVD diamond is composed of carbon atoms and natural gas. The optical and physical characteristics of natural diamonds and CVD diamonds are the same in addition to their chemical makeup.

When carved into a piece of jewellery, CVD diamonds exhibit the same brightness and fire as natural diamonds in terms of hardness and durability. Buy best quality CVD diamond jewellery online from Ayanika Diamond Jewellery.

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