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Ayanika Lab-grown Diamonds ‘Inspired by Mother Earth Perfected by Man’

Lab grown diamonds, ‘Inspired by Mother Earth and perfected by man’, have quickly become the precious gem of choice for people looking to make an ethical, environmentally conscious purchase. Although they are still relatively new to the market, lab grown diamonds are proving to be a viable option against traditional diamonds that still has many people asking “What is a lab grown diamond?”


Lab grown diamonds, also known as laboratory created, laboratory grown, or cultured diamonds are diamonds that are created in a laboratory environment rather than being mined from the earth. These diamonds are created using the same process that is used to create natural diamonds, but in a controlled environment. A carefully crafted combination of temperature, pressure, and time is used to create a diamond that is visually, chemically, and physically identical to it’s earth grown counterpart.


The process of creating a lab grown diamond begins with either a “seed” diamond, or a small piece of diamond. This piece of diamond is then placed inside of a heated chamber and exposed to a combination of temperature and pressure that mimics the earth’s natural environment. Depending on the size of the diamond being created, this process can take anywhere from just a few weeks to a few months. Once the diamond has been completely grown, it is cut and polished to give it the same visual luster as an earth grown diamond.


Lab grown diamonds have gotten a lot of attention due to their ethical and environmentally friendly production. Because they are created in a controlled environment, they do not carry with them the same social, political, and economic concerns as traditional diamonds. They are also far less expensive than traditional diamonds due to the expense of mining and excavation that goes into producing natural diamonds.


In addition to their ethical and eco-friendly benefits, lab grown diamonds are also gaining attention due to their unique and intricate shapes. Unlike traditional diamonds, which often times come in simple shapes such as round, princess, and marquise, lab grown diamonds can be tailored to any shape the customer desires. This allows consumers to be creative with their diamond purchases and have a truly unique piece of jewelry.


Lab grown diamonds have become increasingly sought after, as more and more people are looking for a more ethical and eco-friendly way to purchase diamonds. They have all the same characteristics as earth grown diamonds, with the added benefits of being more accessible, more affordable, and more unique. Lab grown diamonds really are something special – inspired by Mother Earth and perfected by man.

Ayanika High Quality Jewellery

Diamonds have been captivating humans since ancient times and are still one of the most sought after gems today. High quality diamond jewellery manufacturing has been a traditional, skilled craft for centuries, passed down through generations of jewellers. Manufacturers of fine diamond jewellery continue to be dedicated to creating the most exquisite pieces using traditional methods.


The first step to the process is selecting the diamonds. Manufacturers use the four Cs of diamond selection – cut, colour, clarity and carat – to choose diamonds of the highest quality. Each of these factors determines the stones’ beauty and value. Manufacturers use master stone cutters to hand craft the diamonds into the desired shape before setting them into the jewellery design


High quality diamond jewellery manufacturers create unique pieces that are sure to stand out. This involves one-of-a-kind designs that are carefully crafted with precision and expertise. The craftsperson first determines the style and shape of the jewellery and then build the design around the diamonds. This ensures that the diamonds are properly positioned to best display its cut, colour and sparkle.


Once the design is complete, the jeweller meticulously hand sets the diamonds into the piece. This involves measuring and cutting the metal, as well as polishing and buffing the piece until it shines. From simple stud earrings to intricate necklaces, every piece of jewellery is a work of art.


Once the manufacturing process is complete, the jewellery is inspected for any flaws or blemishes. If identified, the piece is carefully reworked until it meets the highest standards of quality. This attention to detail is what sets high quality diamond jewellery apart.


High quality diamond jewellery is not only beautiful but it also reflects the skill and dedication of its creators. Jewellers spend countless hours and use the finest materials and techniques to create unique and timeless pieces that can be treasured for generations.

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